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Bring in $20k to $200k  

a Month Using 

Cash Nutritional Systems

Join Us In Salt Lake City on November 10th - 11th!

Just Added - FREE Bonus Training Day

on Thursday, November 9th!

See What Our Successful Doctors Have To Say!

I’m Dr. Todd Singleton, and I have now helped over 1,295 doctors across the country set up rock-solid cash systems for Weight Loss, Neuropathy and dozens of other systems!

I hold seminars in my office during the year and teach this complete system to doctors and their staff. Then once a year, I hold an Annual Summit where all the doctors and their staff join together to learn even more, share their best results and get a game plan for the upcoming year.  

Attendance at this summit has typically been restricted to the doctors and their staff that are already in this program, but this year, I am going to allow a select group of doctors to come to this “Doctors Secret Summit” and get trained on the basic system! And you are in that select group!  

Doctors that are already in this system have paid thousands of dollars or more to learn this system! However, this one-time offer will allow you to be trained on the basic system for two days for only $597!

Why Is This Such An Amazing Opportunity?

Special Bonus Training Day Added


Using my systems, I've been able to run a million dollar practice...and I’ll show you how to do the same! Previously, this information was only shared behind closed doors for thousands of dollars! But this year I am going to share with you the basic systems that can make you an additional $10,000.00, to $200,000.00 or more a month!

During this “Sneak Peek” Cash Training Secret Summit, you will learn:

How to Attract 86% of Your Community

How to Make up to $100,000 a Month in Weight Loss

How I Made $60,000 My First Month Treating Neuropathy

How to Generate $25,000 a Month in Supplement Sales

What Marketing Works for Weight Loss

System to Get This Turned Over to Your Staff


  • We’ll reveal the ALL NEW “4-Step, Cash Practice, Master Plan­” so you can bring in all the cash you want!
  • Hear from extremely successful doctors from around the country - doctors who are making up to $200,000 a month in cash nutrition systems!
  • ”Top Secret” speaker who made $40 million dollars last year (not a doctor) will reveal how he “cracked the code” to business success and how you can do the same!
  • Financial expert reveals specific strategies to get your money working for you!
  • How to create your office vision so your staff is engaged in helping you succeed! (Get your employees as passionate as you are!)
  • How to easily, at a glance, manage your business so your success is predictable!
  • How to finally take control and master your finances – learn from the best-selling author of “The Smartest Doctor in the Room.”
  • How to find the patients in your town that are looking for what you offer!
  • Discover the proven scripting to attract the patients you want!
  • Learn what marketing is “killing it” in 2017 and precisely what will boost your practice in 2018!
  • Learn how to increase new patient leads to fill your practice with patients who want what you offer!
  • How to systematically turn leads into patients!
  • Discover the latest closing techniques to sell more programs and help more people!
  • How to turn patients into raving fans!
  • Fail-proof system for continuity income…makes money while you sleep!
  • Revolutionary new system for referrals!

FREE Bonus Training Day - Thursday Nov. 9th

Bring your staff and come for a comprehensive training on Thursday, before the Summit. 

✓ Learn how to set marketing goals that guarantee your success

✓ Learn incredible nutritional programs to change your patients’ lives

✓ Experience the “live” seminar Dr. Singleton teaches potential new patients

✓ See how Dr. Singleton closes a patient for a weight loss program

✓ Learn the scripting you must use when putting patients on life-changing programs

✓ Learn the tools you and your staff can use to make your business run on auto pilot

✓ And so much more!

The training will go from 8:00 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. at the Solutions 4 Headquarters (10 minutes from the Hilton Hotel)

Lunch Will Be Served

✔ Expert Keynotes and Case Study Sessions Designed Around Specific, ACTIONABLE Topics

✔ Entrance to the Success Showcase

✔ The Chance to Meet Other Doctors and Clinics Succeeding with Cash Nutrition Systems

✔ Lunch on Both Days

✔ All Materials


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255 S W Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84101



Room Rates:

Hotel: Hilton Salt Lake City

Room Rate: Starting At $149/NightBooking


Event Details

November 10-11, 2017

8:00 AM - 6:00PM

Thursday, November 9th (8am - 6pm): FREE Bonus Training Day 

Location: Solutions4 - 1780 W. 500 S. Salt Lake City, Utah 84104 (10 min drive from Hilton)

Friday and Saturday, November 10th & 11th (8am - 6pm): Secret Summit 2017

Location: Salt Lake Hilton - 255 S W Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84101


Yes, I Discovered a “Gold Mine” in My Office…and I Can Show You That There’s One in Your Office Too!

✔ Expert Keynotes and Case Study Sessions Designed Around Specific, ACTIONABLE Topics

✔ Entrance to the Success Showcase

✔ The Chance to Meet Other Doctors and Clinics Succeeding with Cash Nutrition Systems

✔ Breakfast and Lunch on Both Days

✔ All Materials



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Did you know that only 5.6% of the population seeks chiropractic care, yet 66% to 86% of the population needs to lose weight…can you see the Gold Mine available to you if you have the system that mines it?

If you have been considering adding Weight Loss, Neuropathy and other cash nutrition systems to your office, you need register as soon as possible so that you are not locked out of this amazing event!

This is an ethical system based on changing the health of your patients that you will be proud to offer! You will turn your patients, staff, and family into raving fans when they see the results this system brings!

So bring your spouse, bring your staff and do whatever it takes to be at this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity being offered at this Amazing “Doctors Secret Summit."

Save Your Seat For The Practice Changing Event Of The Year!

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